hero image for Climate


There is an urgent need to fight the causes—and address the consequences—of climate change.

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hero image for Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

Consumers should be safeguarded against dangerous products and deceptive business practices.

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hero image for Criminal Justice Reform

Criminal Justice Reform

Reforming the current criminal justice system will help undo the results of harsh, imbalanced penalties, which have left devastating effects in many communities of color.

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hero image for Education & Justice

Education & Justice

Every student deserves access to a quality education and positive school environment, including one free from overly harsh disciplinary policies and practices.

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hero image for Gun Safety

Gun Safety

Everyone should be protected by gun laws that reduce violence and protect our communities, schools, and homes against preventable tragedies.

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hero image for Health Care

Health Care

Access to affordable and quality health care is a top priority of millions across the United States.

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hero image for Immigration


A free and open democracy benefits tremendously from a welcoming immigration system that includes people from all over the world.

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hero image for Labor


Every worker should have the opportunity to succeed, earn a fair wage, and have access to a safe working environment.

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hero image for Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

A modern law enforcement system is managed by those who balance the need to protect the public with the need to safeguard civil rights.

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hero image for Racial Equity

Racial Equity

Dismantling systems of discrimination and racism allows every person, regardless of skin color, to fully participate in society.

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hero image for Reproductive Rights

Reproductive Rights

Access to safe, affordable reproductive health care should be a fundamental right for everyone.

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hero image for Voting Rights & Democracy Protection

Voting Rights & Democracy Protection

Access to the ballot box is one of the most important rights in a functioning democracy.

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